The world’s most popular brands rely on Fastly.

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Edge SDK

Harness the power of our global network to intelligently cache and deliver application logic at the edge.

Content delivery & image optimization

Accelerate dynamic assets, cache unpredictably changing content, and serve images from the edge.

Video & streaming

Accelerate video on demand and live streaming experiences across multiple devices and platforms.

Cloud security

Gain real-time insights into events and notifications and update your security policies globally in milliseconds.

Load balancing

Instantly auto-scale your applications without modifying existing infrastructure.

Managed CDN

Achieve maximum control and flexibility with our Managed CDN, deployed within your private network.

Content Delivery Network

Keep your customers engaged with highly reliable access to high-quality media
through the Fastly Content Delivery Network Service (CDN).

CDNs were specifically built to make the Internet work better, deliver media at scale, and to enable all of the connected experiences you can imagine. In specific terms, CDN technology should provide the following primary benefits to a business:

  • Performance
  • Availability
  • Security
  • Intelligence

By providing solutions for performance, availability, security, and intelligence, CDNs help the world’s top companies and organizations do business successfully online

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Cache hit ratio
Hit time

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Ecommerce. A CDN helps ecommerce sites deliver content quickly and efficiently even during times of heavy traffic, like Black Friday and the holidays.

Using Fastly CDN platform you can:
  • Reduce page load time by accelerating dynamic content and caching customized content.
  • Update content in real time to instantly reflect pricing and inventory changes worldwide.
  • Provide an interactive store experience regardless of traffic spikes or origin failure.
  • Serve personalized content based on visitor request criteria, such as location and device type.
Media / Publishing. Media websites need to deliver timely and up-to-date information, and a CDN can help media companies update headlines and news homepages as stories unfold in real time, and remove data as it becomes outdated.

Mobile apps. A CDN delivers dynamic location-based content for mobile apps, reducing load times and increasing responsiveness. Make every dollar count. ibHellas helps customers maximize ROI on CDN spend. We'll work with you to identify performance challenges, provide competitively-priced solutions, and configure them correctly. In-country service & support ensures you're always a phone call away from our experts.

Travel & hospitality. We offer complete control of your CDN configuration, allowing you to stay nimble while rolling out changes instantly.
  • Increase user engagement by tailoring content based on location and behavior.
  • Reduce page load time by caching fluctuating content, including price and availability.
  • Purge interrelated objects simultaneously across your site, such as descriptions and photos of sold-out hotel rooms.
  • Deliver consistent customer experiences worldwide, supporting existing users abroad and enabling new markets.